The Future of Biobanking

The importance of biobanks as a nexus for the development of future diagnostics and treatments in healthcare is becoming increasingly obvious. Increasingly biobanks are emerging as the backbone of medical research, yet the full potential of biobanks has yet to be reached. This conference is organized around the theme of the future of biobanks. The talks will seek to go beyond the current “state-of-the-art” and examine where Biobanking is going in the future. The sessions and talks will focus on the immense possibilities that biobanks and their related research field hold for the future of healthcare innovation and the ways in which diagnostics and treatments are made more effective and safer. The conference will also highlight the role of technology in improving public trust and transparency in the collection and management of big data in relation to Biobanking. The conference is arranged by LUPOP, The national biobank of Denmark, The University of Copenhagen, and the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre.

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