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Ongoing LUPOP-studies

Here you can find information about ongoing population studies at Lund University. If you are interested in publishing information about your own study, contact us at

AIR Lund

AIR Lund (Artificially Intelligent Use of Registers) is an interdisciplinary research program that studies how artificial intelligence and machine learning methods applied on the Swedish register infrastructure can increase quality and efficiency of health care, while addressing well-founded ethical and legal concerns related to the use of big data and complex algorithms in clinical practice.

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PFAS in Ronneby

In December 2013 high levels of perfluorinated substances (PFAS) were detected in one out of two waterworks in Ronneby, Sweden. The source of contamination was fire fighting foams used since the mid-1980s at a military air field practice site, located upstream from the waterwells. When the contamination was discovered, clean water was promptly provided from the other waterworks. However, the exposed population will have elevated internal body burden of PFAS for decades, due to the long half-lives. Cohorts of exposed and unexposed children and adults have since then been established, and studies regarding different aspects of health possibly associated with exposure are ongoing.

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