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Lund Population Day 2019



10.15-10.30  Welcome and introduction
Martin Dribe - Director of CED - and Lisa Eklund - Department of Sociology/CED

10.30-12.00  Fertility in Rich Countries: Trends, Surprises and Underlying Factors
Tomas Sobotka - Vienna Institute of Demography, Austrian Academy of Sciences

12.00-13.00  Lunch (only for pre-registered)

13.00-14.30 Chair: Johan Sandberg - Department of Sociology/CED

  • Gendered Parenthood in the 21st Century: Everyday Time Use and Stress in Sweden
    Maria Stanfors - Department of Economic History/CED, LUSEM
  • Exploring Young Adults’ Contraceptive Work in Sweden
    Marie Larsson - Department of Sociology, LU
  • Gender and Generation in Chinese Reproductive Politics
    Lisa Eklund - Department of Sociology/CED

14.30-15.00  Coffee break

15.00-17.00  Chair: Therese Nilsson - Department of Economics/CED, LUSEM

  • Maternal and Child Health Disparities Among U.S. Sexual Minority Women
    Stefanie Mollborn - Institute of Behavioral Science, University of Colorado at Boulder/visiting professor CED 2019/20
  • Infertile Men Are Not Healthy
    Aleksander Giwercman - Department of Translational Medicine/Reproductive Medicine, LU
  • Multiple Births, Birth Quality and Maternal Labor Supply: Analysis of IVF Reform in Sweden
    Hanna Muhlrad - Department of Economics, LU

Lund Population Day 2019

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